I mentioned before how transparency has been defined/applied:

  1. A non-recorded 1:1 meeting (Monica Ene Pietrosanu)
  2. A note/mention from HR (Adina Bigas)
  3. Access denied to an application where my work was saved (Cosmin Bordea)
  4. The lack of details about the Personal Improvement Program (Cosmin Bordea)

I thought that this concept applies only to me. And that they don’t want do prove to me that my rating was a fair one. I asked for help at a Government Institution which is responsible for the work relationships between employees and employers.

The official answer received from this institution was based on nothing, because Microsoft Romania did not present any of the documents they requested.

If my work has been rated as it should have been and the “equality of treatment” principle has been applied, then why don’t they accept to prove it to a Government Institution?

Why didn’t they present the story about impressions? Hmmm… they preferred not to show a thing. This might be the 5th definition of transparency and the first definition of honesty and respect for the Official Authority.

Still, it seems that Microsoft Romania received a Fine for some other “right things” that I didn’t know about.

In April 2011, a TV team was invited to our location in order to see how the “Bill Gates employees” are working inRomania. I actually believed that if I could talk to one of the reporters it would somehow make the Company deal with the stressful situation I was in and probably even stop it.

But the 6th definition of transparency was sent out by one of our leaders:

“So we are all stars. One more important thing: the reporters are already briefed but please make sure this will not happen. There should be no interviews made except for the people in CC in (…) the original email – as they are the authorized interviewees. This is common MS practice, good to know for tomorrow and in general.”

This 6th definition might be linked with the “as you know” expression. Maybe we should obey not only to the written laws but to the unwritten ones also.

So this is the explication for all the fluffy – glamour articles about Microsoft in general?


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