Microsoft has won the Best Multinational Workplace in Europe Award in 2011.

So the managers were right. I was in the best place to be. Based on this, I do not understand why Mrs. Monica-Ene Pietrosanu and Mr. Cosmin Bordea are planning to work at Intel and Fresenius NephroCare.

Hmmm… maybe they are looking for new victims or new challenges in terms of mobbing and after a while we will hear that Intel or Fresenius has won Best Multinational Workplace in Europe Award.

If all the presented “values” are taken into consideration in order to get that award, then I am sure that these managers will have a solid contribution to it. After all, it is all about selling an image not a fact.

Many colleagues of mine have quit also. I have a bad taste in my mouth when I read their goodbye emails. Here are some examples of those who had the courage to say something:

“There is no more trust for me towards management.”
“The reason for leaving is not anger as some suspected.”

It is not about who’s right and who’s wrong.
It is not about an unfair system that must tag people as very stupid.
It is not about the system of the fear within which you should not ask anything.
It is not about a fight because the forces are not even close to each other.
It is not about the transparency.
It is not about other’s work.
It is not about my work either.
It is not about the invisible line that should not be crossed.
It is not about the manager’s intimidation.
It is not about hypocrisy.
It is not about lies.
… it is about common sense.

But there are good parts inside Microsoft too. The colleagues are great, the peers from other countries also, the collaboration, the access to information and technology, etc. You have the chance to learn a lot of things, to take some free exams, to get in touch with customers of different mentalities, to develop yourself in many personal and professional ways. As a proof of that, I must say that (despite this situation) more than 90% of the surveyed customers that worked with me from the beginning of an issue were quite satisfied with the quality of my work.

If you manage to work hard and ignore some subjective unfair evaluations and the manager’s psychological pressure, then you are indeed in the best place to be.




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