The Blacklist

Somewhere along the way, I formally found out that I was blacklisted (although it was kind of obvious).

The managers tried to “help me out” after I have been blacklisted, when I was already doomed and had to go.

I asked Jean Philippe Grenet and John Nielsen many times: “Am I blacklisted?”
I have received no answer even though Kevin Turner and Steve Ballmer were in “CC”.

I informed my manager about that (as he didn’t know). Take a look at his statement:
“Not only that this is not truth, but this kind of accuse doesn’t bring us closer to the solution”.

I managed to find the internal site where the blacklist is saved. My name was in the “Attrition expected” category.

At this point I understood why everybody proposed the PIP solution.
The manager’s plan was to make it such that it would appear that they actually are employee orientated and have done everything in their power to help me.

Now I understand why I always had the feeling that I was inside a sound proof room and nobody heard me when I was screaming out for help.


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