Microsoft wants you to know that is not good to mess with him/them. And you, as an employee, don’t have a chance when you stand up for your rights. Even when you will try to talk with your manager or with the Vice President, you be treated like a modern slave. That’s good to know when you are in a place where the system of silent fear is applied.

From this point of view I think that I made Microsoft a favor. I let you know how things work. Well, Microsoft prefers you to find out these things on hallways, during your smoke brake or when you go to the toilet. In fact this is exactly how the system of silent fear works.

The side effect of my story is that everyone can read this blog. What caused this visibility? As always, these kinds of question have two kinds of answer.

The official one: nothing. We don’t even know about this blog.
The unofficial one: seven mounts after publishing this blog, the HR Manager Mrs. Adina Bigas quits Microsoft.

After mentioning all her six years of achievements in her good bye email (basically some waste of time activities – do not forget that Microsoft does not promote true values), the classic “next stage of my life” affirmation was presented as the reason for her resignation. Yeah… the jobless stage.
Now, any coward and perverse Corporation doesn’t want the masses to create a logical direct link between cause and effect. If Mrs. Adina Bigas would have been “quitted” instantly, a direct link between what I wrote and her resignation would have been more then obvious for everyone. And Microsoft doesn’t want that. What do you think would have happened next? Do you think that I was the only one bullied? I’ll bet on Microsoft’s 10 years income that hundreds of similar blogs would have been exploded.
Maybe because the shareholders wanted a responsible for this mess, one of the smallest fish had to quit: Mrs. Adina Bigas.

Managers come and go. But my dear fellows Stevie and Billie, in the meanwhile the company’s customers suffer. I know that you do not care as long as the money factory works. Jean-Philippe Grenet was punished and sent to Japan (I know he loves me now and maybe he will quit also), Ronald Binkofski left Microsoft Romania after he distracted the attention from the sexual scandal regarding the former Microsoft Romania GM (good job Ronnie), Ms. Monica-Ene Pietrosanu works at Intel Romania now and Mr. Cosmin Bordea works at Fresenius NephroCare. Big chances that in a couple of mounts we will find sites like or

Regarding this gang of managers from Romania.

The brotherhood has no corporate boundaries (at any level): Ms. Monica Ene Pietrosanu has a very well paid job at Intel Romania. How could she, financially, help her old friend Mrs. Adina Bigas? Well, besides kissing each other butts in public articles and comments, Mrs. Adina Bigas has joined the European Professional Women’s Network Through this association, Mrs. Adina Bigas discuss at Intel about the diversity and basically how hard it is for women, to become a board member within a company. And now, guess what? The EPWN association receives various sponsorships from Intel Romania!

Anyway, this may not be the right or proper action to be followed. If you are following the “Let’s fire people because of this mess” idea, then all the managers mentioned in this blog should have “quit”, including Kattie, Barbie and Kevin. (Yes, my issue was their responsibility at that time)

But just firing people is not the best idea.
Stevie and Billy, I am sure that you have checked everything I wrote and I hope that nobody got upset about that fine that Microsoft received. On the other hand, I didn’t receive any apology letter from any of the Microsoft representative. Despite that I am sure that right now, you are directly involved in the process of hiring me back. This would be the right behavior from your side.

As you know Stevie and Billy, I love this company! Because I care about this company, I wrote this blog. Think about it. Furthermore, I will make you an offer that you can’t refuse.
I will phrase it in M$ language:
Becau$e all the M$ manager$ fought together for not giving me the well di$$erved 10 buck$ salary rai$e, I am willing to work for free and help you out by cleaning the cancer$ within Micro$oft.

I am trustful that the system can be built on true values. You should not be afraid that if a reporter is asking a non-delegate employee, he will tell true bad things about Microsoft. Stevie and Billy, because the evaluation system is based on the values mentioned before, you know on which values is the promotion system based on and all other systems within Microsoft. You should not be afraid that blogs like mine or articles like this one will ever emerge:

Microsoft paid out ‘more than £1 million’ to female executive

Where was Mrs. Adina Bigas when that happened please?

The question is… do you really want to change the system(s)? Maybe we will find also some corruption cases, some sexual harassments cases, some manager – employee sexual relationships and many other things… What do you say Stevie, Billie?

But hey, my blog has a funny part after all. Now there are cases in Germany and Romania, where the engineers are informing their managers that they will post blogs about their specific situations (with names, actions performed, and others…). Please check that info to see if it really works.

If so, then I encourage everyone to public every disturbing situation regarding Microsoft Corporation. This way you will help yourself, your colleagues and eventually the company. If you do not have the courage to speak up, then you are already dead.

If my unpleasant wounding has in some way enlightened the rest of you and inspired you to change your ways, then my injuries carries with it an inherent nobility. And a supreme glory.

Shame on you Steve Ballmer.
Shame on you Bill Gates.

What Da Funk.


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