My Story

I worked at Microsoft Romania for about three years as technical support engineer, providing support to Microsoft customers.

I came at Microsoft Romania convinced that this was the best place to be. Microsoft has very strong values: honesty, transparency, respect and other moral values. I was impressed. I remember that after a while I was asked about how long I plan to stay at Microsoft. The answer at that time was: more than 10 years.
But times have changed.

I observed that the fairness and the transparent evaluation criteria were not applied. This site will present you the mobbing situation that I had to face because I had some questions related to my work and to the evaluation criteria.

At Microsoft, the employees Performance can be rated as:
Underperformed, Achieved and Exceeded.

During the intermediate discussion about my annual performance in the Fiscal Year 2010, I was rated Underperformed. Something was not right and I could not understand how that happened. I was curious to find out what was behind this evaluation and what was I doing wrong.

Direct Manager

In March 2010, my manager received the task from one of our leaders to give me “clear examples of cases that went off track (…), weekly case wellness discussion. “
Instead of being happy because an employee wants to improve himself and asks for clear examples of how to do things right, he started to threaten me to leave the company.

Starting from May 2010 I began to send my manager summaries of the 1:1 Meetings:
“[…] In view of your current overall rating of my performance, you have offered me the following choices:
– Leave the Company in a timely manner.
– Underperformed => PIP process […]
I would also like you to confirm that:
1. Mid Year Career Discussions (MYCD), as well as all one to one meetings were not based on any actual facts or examples
2. In MYCD no specific conclusions have been reached regarding the points that must be improved, and how to improve them.
3. In all our 1:1 and performance evaluation meetings the “minutes of the meeting” notes were not shared, and by this not making it clear to me as to what the improvement goals are.
Since I assume that you already have all the above information, I am positive that a quick answer can be received.”

MYCD – Mid Year Career Discussion
PIP – Personal improvement Plan. This title sounds very nice but it is not used for any real improvements as I will later demonstrate.

I have not received an answer. After another meeting held in May 2010, I sent yet another summary to my manager:
“- If I will continue working in this company there will be further threats and in the end I will be forced to resign.
– A Team Manager will not be able to send such a summary of a meeting because this is time consuming and a lawyer must be consulted.
– I am the stupidest engineer from my team”

This time I received an answer from my manager:
“Thank you very much for the summary. Now I understand how you see things around here. I cannot confirm any of your affirmations.”

Of course, I misunderstood … and my manager forgot that he sent me before at least one summary of one of these 1:1 meetings.
So no lawyer was needed at that time in order to send such a summary. I continued to send my manager summaries of the meetings asking for answers related to my work with no answer.

During the following meetings his answers changed: He does not consider it necessary to send me such summaries of meetings and anyway and I am so stupid that not even the Personal Improvement Program – PIP – will actually have a positive result for me.

The real reason why the PIP was not in place for me at that time was that I informed my manager that I will not sign the PIP as long as the option to leave the company will be mentioned on it (among other things.)

I proposed my manager not only to find a solution in such a way that we can have very clear conclusions at the end of the meetings but also to prove what and how is being discussed! My transparent proposal was to video-record the sessions. This way he could not threaten me anymore.

My manager continued to “analyze” the quality of my work. Here is a part of one of the performance analyses:
“The contact person seems to be an […] MVP. Due to complexity and high level knowledge of the customer this case should be escalated.”

I think that I found the solution in less than four hours for that issue and the customer was very happy. Despite that, I was told that this case was not properly handled.
Needless to say, that my work was further discredited and I was further bullied by my manager. Nevertheless, I was informed about the path that I should follow in order to escalate this situation: Monica Ene Pietrosanu, Gerald Fuchs, Donald Taylor, Jean-Philippe Grenet, John Nielsen, Barbara Gordon, Kathleen Hogan, Kevin Turner and Steve Ballmer.

The following meetings with my manager had a common structure. For more than an hour, I was asked about what I am going to do next, where will I escalate this and which arguments will I use. After that I was told that I should leave the company, I was also told that no trainings will be invested in me anymore. That is exactly what happened.

Gerald Fuchs (Area Lead)

Therefore, when Mr. Gerald Fuchs came to our Support Centre, I hoped that he will help in clearing this situation out together with Mrs. Monica Ene Pietrosanu. The only main issue at that time was my request to a re-evaluation of my performance rating. After two meetings the following become clear:
1) This is not our business
2) The numbers (my results) are not relevant
3) The message for me has been delivered

Monica Ene Pietrosanu (Group Leader) & Adina Bigas ( HR Manager – Global Technical Support Centre )

On 9th of September 2010 I realized that the official Underperformed rating has already been set. I got the chance to add a last remark about my rating:
“The bad news is that no Self Study or training will be invested for me.
Therefore, I will try to cope with the new technologies as good as I can.
Despite many offences, discreditation, and psychological pressure, I will try to do my best.”

On the 21st of September I applied for the first re-evaluation request (paper format).
Mrs. Monica Ene Pietrosanu forwarded this request to the HR Department.

After 45 days, the answer from HR Dept. stated that the re-evaluation request has been sent too late (?!?), and the Underperformed Rating was properly set. No valid explanation though. They assured me that all was OK in terms of evaluation.

Here I would like to highlight something. For this re-evaluation, the HR Department and Mrs. Monica Ene Pietrosanu had to take a look at the performance site (The site where I wrote about the psychological pressure). You may think that someone asked me something… No. It was like I never wrote that.

I recorded another written request for Mrs. Monica Ene Pietrosanu asking for clarification about the following five points:
a) What is the limit date for applying a complaint about my Rating?
b) Please give me all the examples of what went wrong?
c) Please prove that you respect my contract is terms of “equality of treatment”.
d) Please allow me to video-record the 1:1 meetings in order to stop the threats. All
these video sessions would then be categorized as Internal Confidential Documents.
e) Please give me an example of how an issue must be t-shooted during Fiscal Year 2010 and Fiscal Year 2011?

30 days later, I received from Mrs. Adina Bigas (HR Dept.) only the answer to point d):
I am not allowed to video record the meetings. If I will do that, I will support the legal consequences. Even more, I was assured that I was not threatened and a first definition of Transparency was given:
“In the view of a total transparency we would like to mention that (…).” The transparency can be defined as a statement from HR Department.

Mrs. Monica Ene Pietrosanu tried to save the appearances and she issued a meeting request in order to discuss about my performance. I was more than happy about this meeting but I was also tired of all the previous endless pointless meetings that ended up inconclusively.
Therefore, in the view of Microsoft’s value of Transparency, I asked to video-record the session with her. I believed that if someone does not have anything to hide and if he/she is honest and respectful, he/she will accept to video-recorded the meeting.

Her answer contained the second definition of Transparency:
“The transparency and the equality of treatment are a priority within Microsoft. Because of that, I want to have a meeting with you.
I am not agreeing to video-record the session.(…)”

I asked her to rewrite this definition because another non-recorded meeting with her was not a proof a transparency, but with no success. It makes no sense anymore to say that another hour was uselessly spent. The main topic was: “What are you going to do next?”

Although she was empowered to solve this issue, she did nothing to find a solution or to give me the answers to the above unanswered questions. As a result, the snowball effect went ahead.
At this point, I would like you to pay attention to what follows.

I informed Adina Bigas that I will need a lawyer if a 1:3 (my manager, Adina Bigas, Monica Ene Pietrosanu) meeting will be required. Under these circumstances (on the 16th of December 2010) she proposed me a meeting for the next day. Please take a look at her answer:
“As expected, he has declined at this hour the meeting for tomorrow.” As expected…Please be aware that this was the first Meeting Request ever sent to me by Mrs. Adina Bigas. So, it is not like I used to decline her meeting requests.

Nevertheless, I asked to reschedule this meeting. Do you think that this meeting was ever rescheduled by the people who were interested in “helping” me? Anyway from this point on, Mrs. Adina Bigas started to paint me into a dark color:
“I am very concerned that he refuses to communicate and he wants to have everything in a written format.”

So I am the one who refuses to communicate, and I am the bad guy because I want to have everything in a written format…

Cosmin Bordea (HR Country Manager)

I tried to talk with Mr. Cosmin Bordea (HR Country Manager – Adina Bigas Manager) after I briefly presented my situation to him. Mr. Cosmin Bordea had the following approach:
“I think that if I will interfere to check what happened this will not be a constructive approach. (?!?) I further think that a renegotiation might be the solution.”

Please bear in mind that the renegotiation (PIP) must be signed together with the dismissal option.

So, what Mr. Bordea is telling me is that I should forget about my FY2010 rating and we should “renegotiate” the future situation. Maybe I am wrong, but this seems to be a lack of respect for one of the employee’s request. Maybe it is so, because I am the only one that is affected.

I will not say that Mr. Bordea stated during the meeting (another one) that:
…if your manager wants to rate you Underperformed, he will rate you as Underperformed.
I can say though that the meeting was pointless. The proof of that is the next step in my escalation: The escalation to Donald Taylor and Ronald Binkofski (GM Romania).

Before doing that, I officially presented Cosmin Bordea (another written request – paper format) the lack of action of Adina Bigas and some stressful situations that I must face from my manager. The most important one was that I am overloaded by my manager with Customer cases and this way the Customer Satisfaction (one of the Company’s official main targets) might be affected. I will let you to guess if he answered to this presented situation. No, he didn’t.

I was also opened to offer him other proofs of other stressful situations which indicate how my manager prepares my next Underperformed Rating. – Please guess again if he wanted to hear more about it!

After about 45 days he has sent me a statement and he assured me once again that Microsoft is the best place to be and the employees are treated fair and equally. He gave me some case IDs which went off track, some of them with the following explication:
“You left the impression that you cannot handle the customer issue.”

Ok. So my evaluation was mostly based on impressions.

Under these circumstances no clear example of how a case should be handled was provided to me. Please note that some of those cases were saved into an application that I could no longer access in order to check if he is right or wrong. Respect and transparency. To be fair enough, he presented me one single complaint from one single Customer.

Ironically, this example comes after one year (March 2011) after I asked what I’ve done wrong. If I remember right, during the Fiscal Year 2010, I worked at ~200 technical issues and I was the second one in my team in terms of technical issues solved. This is the only case where they have something really relevant against me (besides impressions). And the complicity to my Manager’s unfair decision continued like this:
“The arguments for your Rating were presented to you by Gerald Fuchs and Monica Ene Pietrosanu. You were rated as Underperformed in May 2010 and you complained about it in September 2010. Therefore, I really do not know which your intentions are.”

If you have read the story up to this point, you can clearly say that this is another technique of ignorance and isolation. Can you record an official complaint about something that was not set yet? Between March 2010 and September 2010 I was verbally informed. On the 9th of Sept. 2010 I acknowledged the written evaluation rating. After 12 days I recorded my re-evaluation request.

The fact that I have talked with the managers mentioned above until the official Rating was set did not mean anything. Even more, Cosmin Bordea informs me that I received the reasons why I was rated as Underperformed during the meetings with Monica Ene Pietrosanu and Gerald Fuchs.

This was the first time when I had the feeling that someone else (Mr. Cosmin Bordea) was next to me during the 1:1 meetings with Monica Ene Pietrosanu and Gerald Fuchs and he can guarantee that the managers have done their jobs. (But I am sure that he will not bet a coin on that). Among many empty affirmations, Mr. Cosmin Bordea votes for the Personal Improvement Plan as the Solution for this situation.

Ronald Binkofski (GM Romania)

On December 24 2010 I sent an Email to Jean Philippe Grenet and Ronald Binkofski which summarized my situation.
“[…] I don’t think that being intimidated is in accordance with MS values. I am getting desperate as this stressful situation is directly affecting the quality of my work. I hope that you are able to step in this situation. I am at your disposal to present proofs of the above […]“

Ronald Binkofski passed the responsibility on to Cosmin Bordea (see the Cosmin Bordea’s part above). Jean Philippe Grenet: “I’ve asked also Donald Taylor to look at that and come back to you.”

Donald Taylor (Area Lead – stand in)

He called me on the 7th of January 2011 and he summarized the call per email:

“[…]You are also concerned that as you are instructed to take on additional cases your workload makes it hard for you to be able to follow all the processes your manager is asking for. You also feel that you are being asked to take additional cases so that you will become overloaded and again fail in some process step. […]

As you feel under pressure and threatened by the situation that is why you asked to have the 1:1s recorded. I did state that I understood the concern that you were expressing and that we need to make sure you are clear in expectations and feedback.To be clear I am not agreeing to the recording of meetings but will look to identify an acceptable method of meeting your requirements for clear direction and feedback.[…]

Next steps:

1. You will review this mail and let me know if I have captured the key point appropriately or if not identify what I have missed.
2. I will follow up with Ralf Burkhart, HR Director here in Germany to identify next steps and potential action plans.
3. We come back to you with the proposed action plan and then implement it as agreed.”

One of my points of view that was sent back:

“Since this situation/threats started with my questions about my performance review and the fact that I am not treated equally, please take note of that and verify this Underperformed Rating! I think that being fair, transparent and treated equally should be the points that we should respect. Please do not run this review from the perspective of tagging the peers with poorer/same results as Underperformed. This transparent overview is also important.”

I have not heard a word from Mr. Donald Taylor since then.

Jean Philippe Grenet (GM Technical Support EMEA)

I mailed Jean Philippe Grenet on February the 16th 2011 asking him if he has an update for me.

He called me the same evening very upset that I have mailed him. He assured me that at Microsoft the honesty and transparency are respected and I was not threatened during the 1:1 meetings.

So besides Cosmin Bordea, JPG was also next to me during my 1:1s. The last point he mentioned was that the PIP is the solution. – No comment.

I mailed him the next day asking him for these answers:

1. Is this the solution (PIP) for the bellow presented situation? If yes, why?
2. Why now? (February – March 2011)
3. Why me?
4. Which are the consequences if I will not attend to it?
5. Why am I not allowed to video record the sessions?

Jean Philippe Grenet, February the 17th 2011:

“I ’ll come back to you soon to organize this call.”

Me, February the 18th 2011:

“Hi JPG,

Although I have the feeling that it is wanted for me to leave the company, I will wait for your answers and for the meeting request.”

Jean Philippe Grenet, February the 18th 2011:

“I was in my car when we talked and I forgot that I’m on vacations next week, so I will not be in a position to have a call with you next week as proposed. I’m currently working with Cosmin and Donald to agree on the way forward and we’ll come back to you soon.”

Me, March the 6th 2011:

“Hi JPG,

Can you tell me please what is the status of this situation? I am positive that after 2.5 months you have an answer.” (I first escalated this situation to him on Dec. the 24th 2010)

Jean Philippe Grenet, March 6 2011:

“As stated in that email, your manager and local HR are working with you to resolve the current situation.”

Please check JPG’s email above dated February the 18th 2011. Did he really state that?!?

As far as I can see, his official position is: I will call you, but I forgot that I cannot do that. I will, we will see, yes… but… don’t you want to go back and to leave me alone?

If this is happening into a written form, please imagine yourself what and how is being discussed during the 1:1 meetings.

Unfortunately I began to understand why the written communication is not wanted between an employee and a manager. I began to see how a manager’s word is being kept.

John Nielsen (GM EMEA Service & Support)

I escalated this situation to John Nielsen. But it seems that nobody wanted to accept that this is an escalation.

John Nielsen, March the 16th 2011:

“Thanks for approaching me. I contacted the Romanian org representatives in this matter and I was assured you’ll get the answer to your questions as soon as possible.”

Between March the 16th and April the 28th 2011, John Nielsen did nothing! On April the 26th 2011 I sent him the history from above and I informed him that I will call him in order to closely supervise my situation, since obviously this might affect the Customer Satisfaction (quality of my work).

John Nielsen, April 28th 2011:

“Thanks for keeping me up-to-date. I want to encourage you continuing working with your Manager and HR to solve the case. They will always involve me as needed. “

We talked on the phone on May the 3rd 2011 for about nine minutes. He was assisted by Jean Philippe Grenet and Ralf Burkhart, HR Director –Germany.

To be honest I do not know why, because according to Donald Taylor’s statement, Mr. Ralf Burkhart was working on my situation since January 2011 and JPG “kept” his word.

The first question from John was “Do you record this session?” after which I heard almost the same template answer. The only advice was again to go back to my manager.

I assume that there were two versions of his speech. One in case that the phone conversation was recorded, and the second one for the situation when the phone conversation was not recorded.

Personal Improvement Plan (PIP) in the light of the mobbing situation.

In the meantime, the local representatives kept me busy as you will see.
My manager proposed me a meeting together with Adina Bigas. No need to say again that he knew that I will not come to a 1:n (where n>1) meeting without a lawyer. Yes, he proposed this meeting in a 48 hours’ time frame.

I don’t know how many of us can find a lawyer so fast – within 2 working days. But I had to find a lawyer; For that I had to call everybody I knew to see if I could get some help. I found a lawyer and had to pay him the contract of representation to the meeting and to set all things strait. Because of that I asked for half a day of paid holiday. I repeat: four hour paid holiday. I will let you again guess if that request was approved or declined…
I will help you though. The request was denied. Therefore I had to decline this meeting request.

If you would have read only about these declines you might think that I am the one who does not want to communicate. In fact, every step and every decision I had to take has serious mitigating circumstances.

I would like to point out how my professional evaluation has been carried out.
The most two important metrics against which I was measured were Utilization and Customer Satisfaction.

Utilization means how much time did I work on customer cases every day. So basically how much money I brought to the company each and every day.
Customer Satisfaction means that some customers will be asked to fill in an e-mail based survey after closing the technical problem.

Since this stressful situation got worse, I couldn’t concentrate enough and during the last two weeks (at that time: Fiscal Week 40 and Fiscal Week 41) I had about 60% Utilization.
This was below the target. Do you think that I had to announce it? No. My manager was very affected about that and he pointed it very clear to me.

My conclusions:

I warned the managers that the Customer Satisfaction (quality of my work) might be affected. Nobody attempted to perform a valid action during the last year in order to stop the mobbing situation.
Now, in the last two weeks because of the same situation the financial part is starting to be affected. My manager wanted to know how come the Utilization is below the daily target.

However, as I said, my manager wanted to have a meeting with me, Mrs. Adina Bigas and one of the Microsoft’s Lawyers. The invitation to that meeting was written in such a way that I almost believed that they have done everything possible to have this meeting and I declined it every time without a reason.
But in the end the following idea could be found: “Take this invitation as a direct order. If you will not obey to it, you will suffer the consequences”.

The title of that meeting was Details about the PIP. I asked for these details before the meeting in order to have a constructive discussion.
I asked them among other things to provide me these details about PIP because these could not be found on any internal site. I did not receive anything. Another definition of transparency.

I managed to find a lawyer to assist me. Adina Bigas presented the PIP. You might say that the Personal Improvement Plan is meant to Personal Improvement.

But this is not the first time when the content of one Document is exactly the opposite of its headline and when some results of my work were distorted in order to create the impression that I really need this program.
Besides the dismissal option that must be signed and the fact that no clear improvement criteria were presented, I want to paste just one part of that meeting:
“Even if you will follow all the PIP’s steps, this will not be a guarantee that you will reach the standards that were agreed with your manager”. Nice, isn’t it?

Is that because maybe, there are targets upon which an engineer doesn’t have the full control and he is measured against these targets?
This is the beauty of the “The System”.

I could not find the PIP on any internal website. If you want to improve an employee, why is this dismissal option in place? The employee has all the responsibilities. The managers have no real responsibilities. Why did I not receive any version of the PIP a few days before the meeting (as I asked for) and why the PIP is nowhere to be found?
Nobody answered me to that. So… I do not know what to believe… Maybe because the PIP can somehow be pulled back if needed, as it never existed?
Even if the PIP could be found on an internal site, the content of the PIP can be changed many times in a day! Why will I never receive it as an email attachment or on a signed paper? The document provided during the meeting does not have any signature or any official Microsoft label on it in order to attest it’s authenticity. Maybe because, this way they can deny everything? I just don’t know.

But let’s assume that this Program is meant for the improvement of an employee.

Mr. Cosmin Bordea stated that since May 2010 I knew that I was tagged as Underperformed. (At that time only my manager and Monica Ene Pietrosanu were asked about clarifications. No other Manager was bothered). Why didn’t they apply this solution back then? They really want to apply the PIP in April 2011!

Let’s see the difference: Since May 2010 I disturbed the following managers with my questions: Gerald Fuchs; Cosmin Bordea, Ronald Binkofski, Donald Taylor, Jean Philippe Grenet, John Nielsen and Barbara Gordon. None of them had an answer whatsoever. Strange coincidence.

So, the PIP is being used against me because I bother the managers with questions about my work and because I saw other values being applied than the official ones.

I refused to sign any document and that was very annoying.

Just one more thing… You might think that I am the only Microsoft employee that came with a lawyer at work. Well, think again.

Daily humiliation

Short recapitulation & update: My manager told me that the Fiscal Year 2010 evaluation is escalated.

By now, no manager helped me out as per the two mainly requests:
– A transparent re-evaluation for my FY2010.
– Video-record the 1:1 meetings in order to stop the threats.

They noticed that they cannot apply the universal solution (PIP) for my case. So they applied the “war of attrition strategy”. The very next day after I refused to sign the PIP and the minutes of the meeting, on April the 22nd 2011 I received the following three direct orders. As usual, if I will not obey to it, I will suffer the consequences. I must mention that according to the Romanian law, one of the consequences is that the Employer can end the employee’s contract

(1) I had to document every day how the eight working hours are spent.
Why is this action useless? Because maybe there already is an automated tool that monitors and sends daily reports about my work to my manager.

According to the Romanian Law and Microsoft Internal Regulations, every employee must take a ten minute work break every hour in order to maintain eye hygiene and health.

For about two weeks I sent my manager these daily reports which justified labor time (~6.5 hours) that was charged to the customers. If you add ten minutes of break for each hour you will have ~8 working hours.

Because I didn’t justify what I was doing during the work breaks and when I took a work break, the next direct order was to divide the time intervals like this also for the weeks before!!!

9:00-9:12 = worked on problem 1;
9:12-9:33 = called the customer responsible for problem 2;
9:33-9:44 = summarized the conversation;
9:44-10:01= continued working on problem1;
10:01-10:11= went to the toilet

My manager’s example did not include the toilet time, but how can you explain what were you doing during the respective period? Likewise, I should I know when I took a work brake and what was I doing during the brake.

Nevertheless, just try to do this with one of your daily funny activities to see how hard it is.

I checked to see if any of the Jail Institutions in the world forces their convicts to keep such a schedule. Personally, I couldn’t find one. And no, we didn’t have any Bars at the Windows.

The funny thing is that by giving me this direct order, my manager puts Adina Bigas and Cosmin Bordea in CC field. The Human Resources representatives agreed (by not taking any action) that this order is “human”…

(2) We have two types of issues that we are solving. I will name them Type 1 and Type 2. The main target is focused on Type 1 cases.
The second direct order from my manager stated that I should work every day on 10 (ten) Type2 cases. I explained that this will decrease my chances to get way above my Type1 cases target.

The official explanation (with Mr. Cosmin Bordea in CC) was that we have a “business need” and therefore he must assign me this type of cases. I think that under “business need” you can justify almost every decision you take and you can hide the bad intentions behind this honorable affirmation.

(3) The third direct order was to build an action plan for improving my technical readiness.
I documented this action plan according to the Microsoft official training site.
My action plan was rejected and I received another direct order to build another action plan.
Another “confusion” has been made and my manager was informed about a customer who was unhappy. My manager didn’t ask me anything and put Adina Bigas and Cosmin Bordea in CC, explaining that because the quality of my work is so low is the customer really unhappy.

Mr. Cosmin Bordea makes a HUGE mistake and he “replies to all”:
“We should talk with our lawyer to leverage it”.

Wow… wait a second. Must the lawyer be involved to see if there is a way to leverage it?
Should I pay for this customer contract?

Mr. Cosmin Bordea tried to recall this message but it was too late! They say that Microsoft hires the Crème de la crème. Indeed. Mr. Cosmin Bordea has studied the psychology in different forms and he graduated the MBA in US. I just cannot tell where and when exactly he learned about mobbing and how the HR Department must build an action plan together with a lawyer against one of the employees.

Barbara Gordon (Corporate Vice President, Customer Service and Support)

Due to the fact that John Nielsen hasn’t done anything, I further escalated it to Barbara Gordon. Some emails, some answers:

“Hi Barbara,

[…]Please be aware that I couldn’t find those answers up to your managerial level. Unlike the other managers, I am sure that you will take the managerial responsibility for giving me those answers based on your great Microsoft managerial experience. I am still waiting for your clear written answers and I will call you tomorrow to discuss about them. Thank you.”

Barbara Gordon:

“I have had the time now to look into the issue you have raised to my attention. After understanding the facts, I am comfortable that your managers are being appropriate in how they are engaging you in performance management.”

I wanted a re-evaluation and a stop to the threats and I presented her the mobbing situation and she talks about performance management?!?

Please bear in mind that due to the snowball effect the number of the questions got bigger. Every time when I asked for a clarification the need for more clarification was raised. As a person that does not want to communicate, I sent her about 20-30 questions.

I guess Barbara was now in the exact same situation as Jean Philippe Grenet was. If she would have answered to those questions (with valid answers) she would have ruined “The System” of silent fear.

After presenting her the stages of this mobbing situation, Barbara was comfortable with it.

Another intimidation technique which is used also by Barbara is the following approach: “As you know…”. This creates the complex of inferiority for an employee. This expression is being used when the question is not wanted and the manager wants to divert the meaning of the answer. But as she knew, I was looking for an inconvenient truth.

Kathleen Hogan  (Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Services)

A part of what I sent her: “Please let me know if you will get involved in this situation in order to help me to find a solution?”

All I received was a total ignorance.

I did not have the mental strength to further escalate my situation to Kevin Turner and Steve Ballmer but I am sure that these managers would have helped me…

I resigned. I got sick. I got tired. The manager’s humiliation was too big.

After I signed my resignation, I looked at my badge for one last time. I thought that I worked at Mobbingsoft. But no, I worked at Microsoft.


8 Responses to My Story

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  2. Gigi says:

    Funk them!!!!
    I will install Linux or Ubuntu!!!!

  3. You can still do something in the court if you still have all these emails. Contact me.

    • the good one says:

      dear you,
      no you can’t. there is no such law in romania for this kind of issues.
      ms knows that and therefore he treats us like slaves.

  4. Grigore says:

    horror story

  5. nick says:

    as you see here: it is personal .. but it isn’t personal.
    I had the same issue in another corporation – IBM – I sued the contractor and failed to win because the kiled the actual job, no need for that current job.
    I do not blame IBM, and I didn’t go that far .. but I blame the manager and the direct team.
    They could have helped too.
    What have we learned from this:
    1. you are not the problem – but the rest who tolerate the abuse – your colleagues
    2. you took a simple matter as an evaluation – as a personal offence, should have changed the tactics.
    3. take into account that understanding some ppl is like smelling color number nine – in this case I presume you tried resoning with your manager, or understand upto some point.
    4. managers will not bother to risk their skin – for a simple thing like a ping pong ball or an executant, since they have rents/life statuses they don’t want to give up.. solution chosen was the simplest one.

    Cheers, —
    Good luck

    And don’t take it personal .. it is personal 😀

    • skater99 says:

      In other words, your attitude to bullying at work is to turn a blind eye and ignore it!
      Also, you seem inclined to blame the victim rather than the perpetrator(s) (aka Steve and Bill who are aware of this s#&t).
      I surely wouldn’t like to work around you !!!

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